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Classiche al Miele

Classic original honey sweets created to make honey always readily available in your pocket.

Easy honey

Our mixed flower honey is made up by a mixture of high quality honey produced from a range of blo...

Fior di Liquirizia

A sweet that is full of surprises with a rich, soft liquorice filling.


The full flavours of fruit in a soft jelly sweet.

Gelée al miele

The full flavour of honey in a soft jelly sweet.

Miele Sport

A supply of pure and natural energy that you can always carry with you! Natural, tasty and functi...

Miele di Acacia Italia

This Italian Acacia honey is very clear with a delicate flavour. This honey crystallizes after a...


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  • Acacia doypack

    01/03/2018 8:00 am

    Il miele di acacia dal sapore dolce e vellutato e dal colore limpido è uno dei mieli più apprezzati dai Consumatori. (read more)

  • Open day 2017

    14/11/2017 8:00 am

    Vieni a trovarci venerdì 9 sabato 10 e domenica 11 dicembre, per te sconti e molte confezioni natalizie! (read more)

Ambrosoli's story


Giovanni Battista used to buy honey for his family from a Swiss beekeeper, but when the First World War brakes out and the...